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Welcome to Shasta College's Online Orientation

Please read the following information carefully

All new students must complete an orientation. Note: You must allow 24-48 hours after submitting your Shasta College admissions application before you can start the Online Orientation. To receive credit for completing the orientation, you will have to login using your Shasta College Student ID number. If you do not know your ID number, click the following link, Student ID Lookup, for instructions on how to locate it. Note: If you are unable to login (after the waiting period mentioned above), you may contact our technical support department by clicking here. If you do not need credit for completing the orientation, you may access the Guest Orientation without logging in.

This Orientation presents information with audio and video slides, and assesses your knowledge before and after each section. Please allow up to 90 minutes to complete the orientation. If you exit the orientation before it ends, you will be able to resume the orientation at the point you left off only if you use the same computer and if “cookies” are enabled on your web browser.

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